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JAM FOOD SERVICE S.A.S is a young, dynamic, and modern company that seeks to advise its clients in the development and optimization of their processes that involve the food and hotel industry.

How do we do it

JAM FOOD SERVICE S.A.S consults for new projects, remodeling and change of technology for industrial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, clinics, self-service catering, fast foods, food trucks and everything related to the food industry.

With the support of our suppliers and the experience of our team of professionals and with extensive knowledge in the food industry sector, integrated with our principles and values ​​such as responsibility, commitment, compliance and honesty, we achieve the ideal accompaniment for our clients who They see us as their allies to achieve their goals.

Where we go

To be recognized and consolidated as a leading company in the gastronomic market in 2025, being an alternative of quality and superior experience in the food and services industry with an excellent level of quality. Meet the needs of the national and international market.

Principles and values

The most important thing for us is to satisfy the expectations of our clients in order to facilitate their activities.
Our collaborators are the most valuable for JAM FOOD SERVICE, it is for this reason that we develop trust and constant training in each one of them.
La integridades el valor fundamental de nuestra gente.
El liderazgo es la característica esencial de nuestros colaboradores, el cual nos direcciona hacia un objetivo, demostrado a través de su diligente trabajo diario.


We defend the mutual respect and dignity of workers, business partners with society in general.

The integrity

We perform with total transparency and honesty, acting responsibly through our actions or comments, whether individually or in groups.


Trabajamos con una alta vocación de servicio, de servicio, de forma que ofrecemos lo mejor de nosotros y recibimos la satisfacción de servir.

The excellence

We always seek the best performance standards, developing the skills and knowledge of all our employees, working as a team to achieve a better quality of life.

A Great Leadership Team

Isnelida karoline Rojas

Asistente Administrativa y Financiera

Christian Donato

Projects and Design

Carlos Mario Murcia

Specialized Technical Service

We work with the best human quality

David Daza

Líder de Fabricación Trazador

Camilo Rodríguez

Manufacturing Operator Welder

Luis Ramos

Operario de Fabricaron Pulidor

Robinson Duran

Manufacturing Operator Bender



Ovens, cooking equipment, machines, fryers, cabinets, tables, refrigerators, furniture and accessories designed to last and turn a project into a big business, so that an industrial kitchen maximizes its production and quality, where each product is its best version. , in all kitchen and bakery needs 

Products designed to create 100% functional kitchens with the highest quality JAM FOOD SERVICE .

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